Doctorates, Down-Dogs and the Challenge of Self Talk (Guest Post)

It’s always good to read something that matches your life. This writing really gave me some motivation to survive.

Fit Is a Feminist Issue


The day I submitted my PhD dissertation was also my 95th day of a self-imposed 100 day yoga challenge. I had never intended to complete both tasks in such quick succession. Indeed, the fact that I actually completed either task at all feels like a happy, but surreal surprise. Despite the five and half years spent researching and writing my dissertation, and the nearly four years of dedicated yoga practice, my accomplishments still surprised me. The reason being, I am a serial under-estimator. A career denial-ist. A seasoned veteran of negative self-talk.

It wasn’t actually until I developed a daily yoga practice (alongside Buddhist meditation classes I had been taking for years) that I became aware of the stories I was telling myself about myself, and began to see how these stories were holding me back. Negative self-talk usually accompanies an activity with which you might feel pride or success…

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It’s raining. Raining means just drizzling where you can have a walk, not dance and jump. There is something special about rain; it just brings all your memories to the most excited state. But things have changed so much, so much that the rain drops have lost their power of going inside my skin and calming my soul down. Rain was never so dry.
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Burger King — Pune

Address —Koregaon Park, Pune

Price without alcohol — 200 for two.

Alcohol- No.

Sometimes in life you become so much confident about yourself that you forget that there may be someone or something, to be more precise, that can beat you. What if I tell you that by something, I mean a burger? A simple innocent sweet burger it is. You may be showing middle finger to me in my mind and thinking, “F. U. Prabal, I can dip your sweet burger in tomato sauce and end it’s life in just   5 minutes.” My friend Vedprakash too had the same feeling when I asked him and my two other friends,  “Are you guys sure that we are taking jumbo chicken burgers one each for us?”Read More »

Spice and Ice – Pune

DSC_0508Address — Premier Plaza, Shop No. 9A, Below McDonalds, Chinchwad, Pune 19
Home Delivery — Free
Phone no. – 09561361984
Price without alcohol — 400 for two.
Alcohol- No.

If you ask a general person that what is the first step you do when you come to know that you have to visit some new place or relocate there, most will reply as “Gathering info about where to stay”, some may say about knowing the weather condition and all. But the answers will change if you put the same question to a foodie, I mean the real food lover. They will answer it as, “Searching in zomato or google about where to eat”, “what’s the eating habit of most of the people, veg or non-veg”, seriously, you may try it and you will find me correct.Read More »


সময় – ২০৫৫ চন

“আৰ ইউ এক্সাইডেড গ্ৰেণ্ডপা?” (“ককা, আপুনি উত্তেজিতনে?”) নাতিৰ মাততহে তন্দ্ৰা ভাঙিল ।

“ইউ আৰ অলৱেইজ এক্সাইডেড মাই ডিয়েৰ ৱেন ইউ ৰেটাৰ্ণ টু ইউৰ বাৰ্থ প্লেচ ।“ (“নিজৰ জন্ম ঠাইলৈ আহিলে মানুহ সদায় উত্তেজিত হয়েই মইনা”) কথাখিনি কৈ মই আকৌ খিৰিকিৰে বাহিৰলে চালো । এ. চি. গাড়ীৰ বন্ধ খিৰিকিৰ মাজেৰেই যেন নিজৰ ঠাইৰ কেঁচা মাটিৰ গোন্ধ মোৰ নাকত আহি সোমালহি ।Read More »

If you can, please Modiji

Respected Modiji, you do deserve a big thanks for giving us a hope of change. Winning so many hearts of Indian people cannot be so easy, but you did make it look very simple. But the toughest task is yet to start. Indian people are much more emotional and it is really tough to keep the promises made to us as our expectations increase day by day. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will succeed on your journey to make India shine.Read More »

School Genius– Few Stories untold

Engineering is a kind of degree where most of the people are taught, or they learn by themselves to be honest, how to be lazy. This might sound something shocking for the people who is not familiar with anyone doing engineering, but it is a fact, honestly. And if you are talking about someone who has been a Garfield fan, the co-efficient of laziness increase exponentially. The only way people here will come to be a part of something is that the work must be interesting.

It was an evening from last September or first October of 2012, when Bagish Phukan came to me and said, “Oye, tecnoesis  me ek event hain. Organiser chahiye, karega?”Read More »

ভাইহঁত এবাৰ ভাবি চাবি দেই

“তুমি আমাৰদৰে মানুহক মাৰি কেনেকৈ অসম স্বাধীন কৰিবা?” চকুত ভয়, তথাপি উদাত্ত কণ্ঠ । আজিলৈ কমেও ১২ জন মাউৰা, বিহাৰীৰ দৰে বিদেশীক মাৰিছো আৰু তাৰে বহুতেই এইটো প্ৰশ্ন কৰিছে, কিন্তু এইজন মানুহৰ দৰে নহয় । সিহঁতে ভিক্ষা কৰে নিজৰ জীৱন বচাবলে, কিন্তু প্ৰকাশে যে কৰা নাই ? মই জানো এইটো প্ৰশ্নৰ সম্মুখীন কেনেকৈ হব লাগে ।
“তহতেই আমাৰ মানুহক প্ংগু কৰিছ । তহঁতৰ উৎপাতত কোনো অসমীয়াই অসমত একো কৰিব নোৱাৰে । তহঁতক আমি খেদি সোণৰ অসম গঢ়িম ।” মোৰ কি হৈছে?মোৰ যে নিজকে দোষী দোষী লাগিছে । এনেকুৱা লাগিছে যে নিজেই নিজক মিছা মাতি আছো ।Read More »

আকৌ এবাৰ ক’ল কৰিবা ?

আজি জানো তুমি ক’ল কৰিব পাৰিবা?
আৰু এবাৰ কথা পাতিব বিচাৰো,
চাগে অন্তিম বাৰলে ।

না, না, আবেলি নহয় ।
মাজৰাতি কৰিবা, কথা পাতিম পুৱতি নিশালে,
ৰাতিৰ গভীৰতাত কিবা যাদু আছে,
অন্তৰৰ শিকলি ছিঙি উলিয়াই আনে কথাবোৰ ।
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I will miss these in NITS



This is just not a creative writing. This is a list of stuffs that I am going to miss in NIT Silchar for sure.

1. GENESIS, there cannot be anything more that I will miss than this. After few days, when I will open the door of my room, there won’t be anyone with whom I can have an “adda.
2. The night outs and long walks in the nights. There can be nothing much than pulling one friend’s leg by a group of friends in log walks.
3. I will miss the fights of kamur on IP.
4. The Sunday feast of our hostel. Man those pieces were big, really big.Read More »